Avalon to Camelot was        acclaimed for its bright style
       and eclectic content:


Concerned at the layperson's
level with "matters Arthurian"... they
have their audience in mind and
avoid the usually complex rhythms
of lit crit. In fact they write
exceptionally well and share the
excitement of the chase, of trying
to find out more about the elusive
Arthurian legend. Also, there are valuable bibliographies and guides
to reading. For those interested in
the subject it is a must read.


Arthur and Merlin have been
my solace on more than one
miserable night, and guests through countless dreams. I'll keep
subscribing year-to-year and would
like to order back issues.

R. J. D.                                 Rochester, N.Y.



he world of King Arthur lives in the pages of
Avalon to Camelot, a handsomely illustrated quarterly, published in the mid-1980's, whose original vintage back issues are now available from the publisher's archives.

Avalon to Camelot is no longer published, but as you explore our site, we think you'll discover why Arthurian fans around the globe looked forward to the publication of each issue with great anticipation, and heaped lavish praise on both its content and handsome production values.

We hope you'll join them in their appreciation and enjoyment soon. Have a look around and see what lovers of the Arthurian legend, both old and new, have been missing all these years.