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What readers had to say:

have hit on something here I can only wish would have existed during my years as an English student and "Arthurian buff." Finally a magazine I can read "cover to cover."

                     Capistrano Beach, California

I think the Malory issue was superb. You strike such a good balance between the scholarly and the general audience. As a teacher/scholar I found everything of interest and enriching to my knowledge of Arthur.

Prof. Valerie Lagorio               University of Iowa



Everything that Arthurians of all stripes dream of. Prominent writers and scholars explore the Arthurian legend from the Dark Ages to the present in lively articles on history, art, music, the Arthurian ideal, and a thousand years of literature. Noted authors Geoffrey Ashe, Rosemary Sutcliff, Jane Yolen and Parke Godwin discussed their works in interviews and articles - and that's just a taste of what's inside.

Known for its editorial excellence and outstanding graphics,
Avalon to Camelot revived the works of the medieval manuscript illuminators, the Pre-Raphaelites, and oftimes little-known nineteenth and twentieth century book illustrators whose images shaped our earliest memories of Arthur, the Round Table, and the Fellowship of the Grail.

British and American artists including Alan Lee and
Gary Gianni
extended the Arthurian illustrative tradition with original covers, posters and illustrations. Their romance with legends continues with The Lord of the Rings film trilogy and in the comic strip, Prince Valiant, respectively.

Though Avalon to Camelot is no longer published, read a
sample article
and discover why Arthurian fans around the globe looked forward to the publication of each issue with great anticipation. We hope you'll join them in their appreciation and enjoyment soon, and look forward to the feedback of a whole new generation of readers. With a groundswell of support, who knows… maybe dreams will come true and the two unpublished issues will finally see print!