The Artist

Alan Lee
2003 Academy Award® winner,
"The Lord of the Rings:
Return of the King"

Illustrator of : numerous editions
of J.R.R. Tolkein's The Hobbit
and The Lord of the Rings trilogy;
Castles, Faeries, Merlin Dreams,
The Mabinogion
and other classics.

    Alan Lee's image of Morgan le Fay appears on the     cover of Volume I, Number 4, "The Women's Issue."



By Alan Lee

We met Alan Lee in 1984 in Chicago, during the book tour for his beautifully illustrated book, Castles. He was already well known for his popular book, Faeries (with Brian Froud), and an illustrated edition of The Mabinogion. Within moments he graciously offered to do some illustrations for Avalon to Camelot, saying he'd always wanted to publish a magazine on Celtic mythology but, "probably won't get around to it."

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"Merlin in his shamanic guise"

Poster by Alan Lee, "Lord of the Rings" book illustrator and Academy Award® winner for Peter Jackson's film adaptation of "The Return of the King"

Archival-quality printing on
acid-free paper

Measures 18" x 25"

Signed by the artist

Price: $60.00 (+$12.00 S&H)

Soon thereafter, we used his drawing of Morgan le Fay on the cover of our Women’s issue, and commissioned him to create his vision of Merlin, for a cover of the issue on Merlin: The Perennial Enchanter. It begged to be a poster, as well.

Alan's star has continued to rise, with the publication of additional books, including illustrations of numerous editions of J.R.R. Tolkein’s The Lord of the Rings, most recently culminating in his conceptual artistry on Peter Jackson’s dazzling film trilogy based on the Tolkein books. (Many of you will have seen him discussing the project in the films’ DVD extras.) A project that began as a three-week excursion to New Zealand to advise on locations turned into the adventure of a lifetime and an Academy Award®… both of which couldn’t be more perfectly deserved.