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What readers had to say:

are filling a tremendous need with this journal and all of us who love to read and teach the Arthurian legend owe you a debt of gratitude.

Beverly Kennedy
                    Quebec, Canada
Thank you for sharing Avalon to Camelot with me. What a noble task to promote heroism and romance in this unheroic and unromantic age.

Frank Wong             V.P. of Academic Affairs
                                              Beloit College





Helmut Nickel, the former Curator of Arms and Armor at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, contributed articles to all eight issues of Avalon to Camelot on the Arthurian aspects of heraldry, arms and armor, and on chivalric customs.

Here's his illuminating article, "The Arming of Sir Gawain," on one of the most fascinating episodes in medieval Arthurian literature.

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