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What readers had to say:

have hit on something here I can only wish would have existed during my years as an English student and "Arthurian buff." Finally a magazine I can read "cover to cover."

                     Capistrano Beach, California

I think the Malory issue was superb. You strike such a good balance between the scholarly and the general
audience. As a teacher/scholar I found everything of interest and enriching to my knowledge of Arthur.

Prof. Valerie Lagorio               University of Iowa

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Volume I, #1: Premier Issue

Overviews of the quest for the historical Arthur, the arts; articles on "Star Wars" and the Arthurian legend, Tennyson's Sir Galahad, arms and armor, book reviews and more

Volume I, #2: Sir Gawain & the Green Knight

A wide range of articles on the popular Arthurian character - and on the medieval work that was translated by J.R.R. Tolkein, Norris J. Lacy on "The Appeal of Arthur," Geoffrey Ashe on the quest for the historical Arthur… and much more.
See sample article
of "The Arming of Gawain."

Volume I, #3: The Grail Legend

John Matthews on "The Family of the Grail," articles on Glastonbury and the Grail legend, "The Arms of Sir Perceval and His Kin," by Helmut Nickel, Arthur and ancient Britain, "The Enigma of the Grail Legend," and more.

Volume I, #4: Women and the Arthurian Tradition

The varied roles of women in the development of - and as characters in - the Arthurian legends in literature, art film, history; Parke Godwin on "Finding Firelord," articles on "Defending Guenevere" and "Images of the Great Goddess," book reviews and more

Volume II: #1: The Many Faces of Arthur

"Mythmaking and the Kennedy Camelot," articles on the Once and Future King in the comics, in the Victorian and Medieval eras, personal essays from staff and readers, the final installment of "Researches on the Grail," three book reviews and more.

Volume II, #2: 500 Years of Caxton's Malory

"500 Years of Caxton's Malory: A Celebration of the Morte Darthur," "Questing by Computer: Arthurian Themes in Computer Games," the first three articles on a Jungian view of the Arthurian legends, the first of two interviews with noted author Geoffrey Ashe, "Methods and Approaches to Teaching Malory," book reviews and more.

Volume II, #3: The Medieval World of Yvain

"Yvain: Fourteen Centuries of Storytelling" by Greg Stafford, "Tolkein, White and the Missing Arthurs," articles on Arthurian children's literature, an interview with Rosemary Sutcliff, the second of two interviews with Geoffrey Ashe, and more.

Volume II, #4: Merlin: The Perennial Enchanter

Explores the metamorphosis of Merlin through the ages: as "keeper of the tales," prophet and mage, an enigmatic teacher, the protagonist of Mary Stewart's popular novels... and yet other guises. Features an interview with popular author Jane Yolen, author of Merlin's Booke, Helmut Nickel's "Merlin, Magic, and Swords of Power," and a cover by "Lord of the Rings" artist, Alan Lee.

This was Avalon to Camelot's final issue.